wake up to water, wake up to ourselves



Our Mission is to assist the return of the Waters to Origin and Regenerate Tidal Waves of Source, Awareness, and Love

We are a conscious community on a journey to activate the currentseas of Living Waters, Financial Waters, Spiritual Waters, Social Waters, and Lawful Waters. 

Guided by the waters, we focus on heart-centered leadership and in building Sacred Businesses. By weaving Water and Sacred Economy together, we WAKE our own life to Water Sovereignty. Our core values are Fluidity, Integrity, Source-Wholeness, and Compassion.

A World Wide WAKE Movement

Be Water

WAKE Community

Join 640+ Wakers across the globe on a mission to rise the tide of the world, one drop at a time

Multiple Streams

Flow with us on daily and weekly webinars to help you expand your business, create sustainable foundations, and tap into your eternal abundance.

Building and Birthing

WAKE Support with access to pools of alternate content related to conscious sales and marketing, foundational building, and expansion education.

Water Consciousness

Water is Life! We honor water as the source of all life, and dive deep into water consciousness. 

Choose your Ship

Multiple Ships honoring diverse streams to swim in. 

We provide the following Ships:


As a community, we gather several times a week to grow together in our WAKE Mission. Join us for weekly water events:

Want to test the Waters? Join Our FREE Weekly Water Webinar

Come sea the magic of Living Water, how Water Consciousness weaves throughout all areas of our lives, and how we are weaving Sacred Economy… all while inspiring others to tap into their own wells of wealth. This is what we call the Water Path, an exploration of flow within our lives. Learn how Water is the foundation of our existence and how the WAKE MOVEMENT is generating ripples in our lives.

Meet the Family

We’re a community of Sacred Entrepreneurs from all over the world, collaborating together to form the WAKE MOVEMENT. It is our mission to spread wisdom, truth, education, and awareness about the Source of Life. Water… in ALL forms. Coming from different walks of life, this water community cultivates highdrated bonds based on Free InnerG. Located in over 22+ states (USA) and over 12 different countries worldwide, this movement is a WORLD WIDE WAKE with connections all over the world.


Vista, CA

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Vista, CA


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Ashville, NC



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Long Beach, CA


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Syracuse, NY


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Kevin Work


Drop in and absorb some community love and water wisdom by clicking the link below and learning more about Wakers from all across the world.

Who Are We?

We’re family first! We focus on building community while providing abundant opportunities with our conscious and regenerative business model. Starting as a small group of business partners, we soon flourished into an entire online and offline community, and are now proud to be an international Water movement.


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Interested in a New Stream of Income?

Sea how our innovative approach to sustainable water solutions is an amazing business opportunity!

We’re a self-sustaining, conscious business. Not only do our affiliates and partners benefit from profit-sharing, but over 60% of our profit flows back out to our WAKERS. This creates limitless opportunities of abundance for all who are passionate about healing through hydration, in all areas of life.

Feel called to become an active part of the WAKE Movement? If this excites you, we’re there with you every lap of the way, in sharing water education and spreading awareness. We love supporting each other in community, and celebrate each other’s success in changing lives.

As Wakers, we share through our embodiment and organic testimonials what this Living Water has done for so many of us. 

With devices starting as low as $45 per month (via financing), you can amplify your life one glass at a time…and be part of the movement to help others do the same.

Are you ready to expand your Water Consciousness and your Currentsea?