There are 3 ways to purchase a machine.

Pay In Full

(5-7 Business Days)

If you choose to pay for the machines in full, you will be directed to the Enagic website to checkout.

**This business works on who you purchase your Kangen machine from, is who you will end up working with. It is important before you make your purchase to communicate directly with the person who referred you in getting their ID#**

For Jilly (@waterpriestess) ID#7339360

For Chris (@comeoutbetter) ID#1144052


(10-14 Business Days)

Our most popular choice! We have 3rd party financing available! You apply for the credit card to pay for your machine. Leverage the card to start your business with it’s introductory APR rate and then you pay off the card. Monthly rates from $45-$55/month

Enagic Financing - Down Payment

(5-7 Business Days)

Depending on which machine model you pick, the down payments and monthly payments range. 

You can use this link to locate your local Enagic Office

For the Down Payment Option, you will need to fill out the Paperwork on a PDF software or print out and sign with ink! Please download the forms below.

Down Payment Amounts & Forms for Other Countries