Shler's Testimonial

I hit rock bottom Being through a burnout and to constantly be in this fight/flight scarcity mentality 24/7, extremely dehydrated at every level imaginable, drinking 8 cups of coffee and energy drinks and felt this deep resistance drinking tap water, sleeping 3-4 hours every night,being in an extremely acidic state, so disconnected from my body, overactive adrenal glands, being through several injuries ! LITTLE did I know that I went through all this journey to finally stumble on the water path in dec 2020.

This water has helped me work through the blockages/ limiting beliefs, unprocessed feelings and the feeling of not being good enough. It also has helped with my digestion issues, my skin, my brain fog is gone. I am more focused and energized all the time. 

Allowing the water to flow through me and Opening up so much space/room to come back to my origin flow state, living in my truth, being soverign and To step into my creativity, creating my own website, being on a spotify podcast sharing my story and hosting a dolphin retreat .Reversing my fight/flight mode to fly and flow and  welcoming and embracing the unknown is such a beautiful liberating feeling.

And not speaking of wake water community with likeminded likehearted people and having this supportive family, so encouraging and empowering, I am forever grateful! 

People always ask me if I am high? WELL yes I am properly high-drated on a cellular level on living water. SAY YES to yourself because You are worthy of it all.


Mitxchelle’s Testimonial

We All Awaken. We all Perceive, Know and Long to discover/uncover Truth.  

Throughout the experiencial curriculum of life, All Learn. The Wake. Taking on the spirit of water, acts as a wave Gently lapping over your own inner standing of the world, just as it may knock you off your feet joyously beckoning you to soften, to play. 

The guidance and Support deeply revered in the waves, the current, is embodied in the Wake. For We Are Water. 

We Remember and Invite All to Recall. Call to the water ,for Water Will Call You. 

Our Foundation, Our Support, Steady, Constant, True, Pure.

Universal Cosmic Grounded 

We all Awaken, 

The Wake is a safe and true guide. Lean into the water , 

you will find , We Float .


Chelsea's Testimonial

It’s been 5 months since investing in my health and not only has it been the best decision I’ve ever made, but the community that comes with it is something I’ve never experienced before, the amount of love I feel from every single one of you warms my heart and fills me with so much joy. The water has made me more aware of my true self, it has given me more confidence, I’ve lost weight in my tummy (love handles) that I thought would never go away. My hair is healthier, my thinking is clearer, I have more energy ( I used to always have to take a nap everyday, now it’s rare) and this is only 5 months of having the water. I don’t crave acidic drinks. I drink more water now that I ever have in my life. It’s the best thing that has happened to me and I’m so thankful to have everyone here to experience this feeling with. It’s something that really words can’t even describe. It’s the feeling. Love all of you soooooooul much. Grateful to be here💜🙌🏼💙


Shel's Testimonial

My whole life time I never felt like I truly belonged anywhere, I was always the outcast, I never fit in. Last year when I found the Wake community I was immediately intrigued and I knew it was for me. The second I purchased my machine and joined, I was so included and honored, and for the first time in my life I felt seen. Because I made that act of self love for myself investing in a machine, that love was reflected back into my reality. I’m only a month in so far and I feel home with my Phamily. I feel included, I feel seen, I feel heard every single day! In the wake, we are truly all in this together and threes constantly so much support from everyone. I can go on and on about how grateful I am for this community and this opportunity all day. Eternally thankful

Madeline's Testimonial

The wake community has awoken me to real world things going on that I was never taught about in my family dynamic or schooling. I grew up as an only child and my mom was a high school teacher, so I always felt a little behind on the times. As we detox from the toxic things in our bodies and life, we start to sea things that would have otherwise never been there before. This business is the truth! I feel ready to share this community and opportunity everywhere I go.

I’ve also detoxed like crazy, and I never thought that I would have lost weight in the areas I did without strenuous exercise, but the way this WATER hydrates every cell it allows us to drop unnecessary built up fat in only a few weeks and even improve digestion. Much more to come!! 🌊💧🦋

Connor's Testimonial

Having formerly lived in an intentional community, “community life” became something I longed for. After working a series of dead end jobs, signing up for a slew of network marketing “schemes”, and battling bouts of seasonal depression, through a round-about series’s of synchronistic events, the WAKE divinely popped into my field of awareness. In 4 days time the Water improved my overall mood, I immediately felt at home within the community, and within 6 months I built a team of over 30 people! Now I make more in commission for selling one machine, than I did working 40 hours at my previous job. AND to top it all off, I met my fiancé! 

Needless to say, I’m eternally grateful for this WAKE for being the catalyst for my own self empowerment 🧜🏽‍♀️🧬🌊💙

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