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We came together to embody an expanded version of ourselves that we knew we always were. Our businesses turned into a movement right before our eyes. We no longer separate the within and without. We can SEA the truth of who we are. Our origin. Water. We have come together as water guardians, water keepers, and water beings. As we WAKE together to the truth of who we are, we are here to expand the business culture. To restore free energy in the workplace. We walk with integrity in all we do. We let water lead the way…

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WAKE Spiritual Water Webinar: Every other Monday @ 3:33pm pst w/ Jilly @waterpriestess

Come sea what this Water Path and the WAKE MOVEMENT is about. Learn how Water relates to Spirituality and Ramembering our origins of Living Water. Dive deeper into what Water Consciousness truly means and how to sea through the Water Lense. Awaken yourself to Living Water and it’s potent codes and how you can get involved in this WAKE.


WAKE Water Science Webinar: Tuesdays @ 5:30pm pst w/ Chris @comeoutbetter

Come learn what the science of Living Water is and how it relates to our every day lives. Become aware of everyday challenges we face and a solution that is one choice away. Learning about the types of water, how we use water, and the properties in water will expand your mind to sea the power that water can do in our life. We will dive into the science and embodiment of the Water Path. Also, learn about our WAKE Opportunity and how you can get involved

WAKE Water Wisdom Webinar: Wednesdays @ 10:11am pst w/ Kira @elementsofascension

Come sea the magic of living water, how water consciousness weaves throughout all areas of our lives, and how to create your own sacred economy while inspiring others to take their power back. Learn how water is the foundation of our existence and how the WAKE MOVEMENT is waking us up to ourselves & the beautiful divine union within.

WAKE Oportunidad Seminario Web en Español: Sábado @ 9:11am pst w/ Iliana @ilianaieg

Descubre el verdadero impacto del elemento que nos da vida: el agua. Conoce las diferencias entre el agua que normalmente tomamos, que en realidad es agua estancada, y cómo nuestro cuerpo necesita agua viva para verdaderamente tener salud física, emocional y espiritual. Además, aprende sobre cómo el agua Kangen nos ofrece una solución y una oportunidad de negocio para quienes buscan su libertad financiera.

WAKE Business Opportunity Webinar: Every other Thursday @ 4:44pm pst w/ Chris @comeoutbetter

Come sea what the WAKE Opportunity is truly about. Join us as we wake up to the truth about being MERchants and Water in the financial system. Learn how we can embody the Water Path and create Financial Freedom for ourselves. Dive deep about owning a business, tax write offs, financial literacy, direct sales, conscious marketing, branding and online relationship building and more!

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